Now that I’m Healthier

When I was little, before the onset of kidney disease and the trials and tribulations of long-term treatment, I loved going to friends’ birthday parties with those ubiquitous bouncy houses. It was all the rage in those days. They varied in theme but they all involved endless jumping for joy on flexible rubber mats. Sometimes there was an abundance of little plastic balls.  Now that I am older and well, I have a sudden urge to buy an outdoor trampoline like one of these for my backyard. I think it is symbolic of my inner exuberance now that dialysis is over. So what do you look for in such a device? Are they all the same?

Gosh. They come in so many sizes and shapes. First, I eliminate the ones that are strictly for indoors such as home gyms or sun rooms at home. They are mighty fancy. They might rust in the rain and who wants to tarp them every day?  I do care about fitness, but I am more into entertaining myself and friends these days as I go about my normal life. So maybe a deluxe model kids’ version will do. It is a far cry from a trainer’s trampoline. It is larger and built for fun. I may well burn a few calories in the process and lose a bit of accumulated weight. But this is not my immediate purpose. I will go for “safety cushioned bounce”, “deep bounce for superior performance” and “unmatched stability.” I love product descriptions on the Internet. They can sell anything.

My trampoline has been selected and I await delivery. I tell everyone a party is in the works. I might as well combine a barbecue grilling session and the inauguration of the new gear. I will set out some great snacks and a boat load of cold drinks and make it a real backyard festival. Now, who would go to this extant to celebrate a new purchase, but I am in a different category having recovered from serious illness. I enjoy acknowledging any and every event in life as it is a treasure to be savored. That is my message to you.

The trampoline is a symbol of release and freedom from any ties that bind such as the connections I faced to the dialysis machine. It was long and hard—but it is now over. Jumping in the backyard reminds me that I am well and happy and have much to appreciate. Little did I know as a child that my favorite pastime would develop into the adult version. Spending time on a trampoline may seem juvenile and silly, but let me tell you that it is not so. It is more than therapeutic and will take away any troubles you have short or long term. Why did I wait so long? I advise anyone who feels a need for a different kind of exercise to get one soon.