Dad’s New Project

I consider myself to be a bit of a miracle in human form. Sure, lots of people overcome health issues, but how many have dialysis and a kidney transplant? I bet you could count the people you know on one hand. Maybe there are none at all. So now you have me. The operation saved my life. When I woke up after surgery, I instantly felt better. Since then it has been uphill all the way. I had gone through years of treatment, sitting at that darned machine three times a week for hours on end. Well, if nothing else it gave me time to think, read, listen to music and text friends. Of course, it had great value and was, in fact, a necessity of life. But I can sure think of better things to do. Now that it is over, I have oodles of free time to do what I really want. My dad also has time on his hands since he doesn’t have to take me to dialysis. Life is good for the whole family!

I used to keep him busy week after week. I still do in different ways. This week I asked him to install a flush mounted ceiling fan in the downstairs family room. By the way, we live in a split-level house. It has its good and bad points. I spend a lot of time on my hobbies there when not watching TV or running a movie from my vast collection. He is more than happy to help, especially when it has to do with good times and not my health. But he never complained!

The room downstairs is dark and hot. There isn’t good circulation of air. It has no central heating or air conditioning as in the rest of the house. Temperature control and lighting call for another plan. I hit on the idea of a flush mount ceiling fan because the room is slightly lower than normal. It wouldn’t do to put in one of those nice suspended models. It will still look good and do its job of cooling off the room. The central light fixture will work on a remote so that it can be dimmed or turned on full force as needed. I love the idea. I should have thought of it long ago.

Dad did a great job as the family handyman while I did mine as amateur decorator. I picked out the perfect fan with walnut-stained wood blades that match the floor. The brass fixture with etched glass gives the room a bit of an old-world look that goes well with the retro furnishings. We killed many birds with one stone, if that is possible. When I retreat to the den when I need personal space, I press the remote and the fan begins to whir. A gentle breeze immediately starts to cool me off and I can sit and enjoy myself for hours. I am used to sitting for a long time!