Cooking a Feast

I am so appreciative of how much my parents have done for me as I struggled through my kidney illness. You realize how dire the situation can be when you have no one to rely on for support. They did more than take me to dialysis. They prepared meals, did errands, accomplished chores bucking me up all the while—with nary a complaint. Anyone who has suffered a debilitating condition for a long time knows how important people can be for morale. I had this in spades to my great fortune. I feel I must do something in return.

While my parents don’t expect anything, and they would reject a major hoopla, I decided to make a great dinner. It’s the least I can do and I know they will come gladly and enjoy it. Everything lately is a celebration of my new healthy life. I have the energy and wherewithal to put myself out. This is not something you would have witnessed a while ago. Dialysis worked its magic and I am my old self again. It is time to make plans to entertain family. All I have to do is select a date and mark it on my calendar. I want it to be extra special so I am pulling out all the stops: nice china, good silver, crystal glasses and a floral centerpiece. I am looking for a real tablecloth that I hope miraculously appears in the linen closet (a few tiny shelves in my bathroom). This is no ordinary weekend casual dinner. My recipe books are out on the living room floor with several pages strategically marked.

I want a three course menu with a homemade dessert. Nothing store-bought for mom and dad. I will be cooking a feast and will have to get up at the crack of dawn on the eventful day. No matter. I am pumped and ready to please. A nice crown roast with a delicate “jus” will be featured after an appetizer and fresh, crisp salad. Garden vegetables will accompany the roast alongside roasted potatoes. Rolls made from scratch will sit in a pretty new basket lined with an embroidered cloth. Thanks, grandma, for the gift.

The day arrived and the table was set. I couldn’t wait for the meal to start. My mother, in particular, was in awe. She knew that at one time I had a major lack of oomph. Now I was like a whirling dervish. Everything was cooked to perfection and served simultaneously and on time. I had selected a nice rose to please all palates. The dinner was a major success. I wasn’t tired a bit after my parents went home (not before dessert and coffee of course) and had the energy to do all the cleanup and dishes. Fortunately I have a big farmer’s sink and a flexible pullout faucet from It makes even pots and pans a breeze. Bravo! I have to pat myself on the back for a job well done.